This FAQ page is subscribers of the Premium Bi-Monthly and Semi-Annual Stamp Club


1. What's included in my stamp club subscription?

When you subscribe or when your subscription renews, you will receive the most current 5" by 7" stamp club set + your choice of 2 standard size (5x7 package) ARTplorations stencils OR 3 ARTplorations mini stencils OR 1 CUTplorations word/phrase die.


2. What if I don't like the current stamp club set?

You can pick a previous stamp club set. You can also substitute other products (stamps, stencils, dies) from the store as long as the total combined value of those products is equivalent to your subscription price. You can choose stamps from all categories, including stamps in the STAMP Lab category, as long as they are in stock.


3. What if the combined total of stamps I'd like to substitute is more than my subscription price?

We'll send you an invoice for the additional amount. We need to do this because once you substitute stamps, the weight of your envelope changes and this affects the postage cost. We may need to mail your stamps in an envelope that is much bigger than the standard 6" by 9" kraft envelope we use to mail stamp club sets. Shipping is still free, however. You simply pay for the extra amount for the total cost of the stamps.


4. How do I let you know if I wish to receive the stamp club set or substitute stamps?

When your subscription renews (every 2 months or every 6 months), we get notified. When this happens, we email you as soon as possible to let you know it's time for your next stamp club set. We'll send you a link to an online form that you need to fill out. This simplifies the process of choosing your stash. We'll ask you what you prefer: the current stamp club set, a past stamp club set, or a combination of other stamps (or stencils and dies) in the shop. We'll also ask you for your choice of ARTplorations stencils or CUTplorations word die.


5. How much time do I have to pick my current stamp club package?

You have one month from the date when your subscription renews to let us know which stamps and stencils you want to receive. For example, if your subscription renewed on March 1st, email us your stamp club selection by April 1st.  If we don't hear back from you within a month, we will automatically mail out the current stamp club set and randomly choose 2 stencils for you. If you'd like more time to decide, just let us know as well within the one-month window and we will hold off on automatically mailing out the current stamp club set.


6. When will I receive my free 4" by 6" stamp set?

You'll receive it when your subscription renews every 6 months (every third time) if you are on the bi-monthly plan. If you are on the the semi-annual plan, you'll receive this stamp set with your first stamp club set.


7. Can I also choose the 4" by 6" stamp set I receive every 6 months?

Yes. You will be able to choose the 4" by 6" stamp set from the shop to receive as your free stamp set.


8. I'd like to buy other products (stamps, stencils, dies) and order them in between my subscriptions. Do I get a discount for being a premium stamp club subscriber?

Yes, you do! As a premium stamp club subscriber, you wiill receive TWO (2)  personal discount coupon codes (PDCC) just for your use: one code for 15% off 25% off and another for free shipping (on orders of at least $30, starting January 29, 2019). We include your PDCCs in the welcome email you receive when we are notified that you signed up. With your PDCCs, you'll be able to purchase products from the shop at 25% off and have them shipped for free. Please note that only premium stamp club subscribers will be able to use more than one coupon code in a single order. You can use your 2 PDCCs with other coupon codes if those codes are indicated to be combinable with other codes. If we happen to be running a sale when you are shopping (e.g., new stamps priced at 10% off), you can get those stamps at an additional 25% off when you use your PDCC. As a premium stamp club subscriber, this ensures that you get the best deals on stamps, stencils, and dies in the store. You can use your PDCCs an unlimited number of times too as long as you are an active subscriber. And again, you can use both PDCCs in every order you place because our shopping cart will accept both codes from premium stamp club subscribers only. 


9. When will I receive my gift certificate?

We will email you your gift certificate when your subscription renews every 6 months (every third time) if you are on the bi-monthly plan. If you are on the the semi-annual plan, you'll receive the gift certificate with your first stamp club set.


10. Do I have to use my gift certificate right away?

No, you don't. Your gift certificate(s) will not expire. In fact, you can let your gift certificate(s) accumulate and use them later on to buy other items in the shop. 


11. How do I stop my subscription?

We hate to see you leave but do understand if you need to stop your subscription. Simply send an email to and we will take care of it. When your subscription is canceled, your PDCCs will be canceled as well.


12. I don't want to cancel, just pause my subscription. Can I do that?

We use Paypal to handle subscriptions and the good news is that Paypal now offers the option to pause subscriptions! If you'd like to pause/suspend your subscription, simply send an email to before your subscription renews so you don't get charged. Then when you're ready to resume your subscription, just email us again and we'll reactivate your subscription. This way, you don't lose any of the membership perks -- your personal discount codes will remain active for up to 6 months that your subscription is suspended. If you do not reactivate your subscription within 6 months, we'll get in touch with you and ask if you'd like to cancel your subscription or reactivate it.